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To bring together all people of Nepali origin and Nepal-linked people in Western Australia through cultural, social and educational activities, and to promote the interests of its members. It also aims to foster better understanding and co-operation among its members and wider community in Western Australia by:

  1. Promoting and maintaining unity and friendship among Nepalese and other communities
  2. Sharing information among members and networking
  3. Participating in activities relating to exploring educational, social, cultural and economic collaboration

NAWA’s activities will include, but not limited to:

  1. Organise social functions reflecting Nepalese culture and traditions, such as Nepali New Year, Dashain Festival, cultural shows and other activities decided by the Association
  2. Provide a platform to promote cultural, social, educational and economic activities for its members
  3. Act as a contact point for all residents, new migrants, students and visitors from Nepal
  4. Develop links and promote friendship with other communities in Western Australia
  5. Establish amenities to flourish Nepali language, arts, sports and culture
  6. Raise funds through various lawful means to meet the operational costs of the Association
  7. Support appropriate charitable/educational/social/ cultural/economic activities
  8. Undertake any other activities to promote good will and friendship between Australia and Nepal as decided by the Association


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