Enrolment Form 2024 Nepali Language and Arts School- Perth
नेपाली भाषा तथा कला पाठशाला

Please use this enrolment form to enrol your little ones aged 4 and above to our Nepali Language School across all four sites (Kenwick, Southlake, Mirrabooka & Caversham). Now you can pay your annual fee via this form.

Basic Information:
We are extremely pleased to announce that enrolment into Nepali Language and Arts School is now open for Term 1, 2024.
We currently have three Nepali Schools in Perth Metropolitan:

1. Mirrabooka School (New)
Venue: Herb Graham Centre, Mirrabooka Address: 38 Ashbury Cres, Mirrabooka WA 6061 Time: Saturdays 4pm - 6pm

2. Kenwick School
Venue: Connect@Kenwick (Kenwick Community Centre), Kenwick Address: 84 Kewick Road (and/or) 231 Brixton St, Kenwick WA 6107 Time: Saturdays 4pm - 6pm

3. South Lake School
Venue: South Lake Ottey Family & Neighbourhood Centre, South Lake Address: 2A S Lake Dr, South Lake WA 6164 Time: Saturdays 9am - 11am We are looking forward to welcoming all the school aged children of our Nepali and or Nepali-speaking community. Your support and volunteer contribution will always required and appreciated to run these schools smoothly throughout the years ahead. Please complete the details in the form accurately. Thank you!

Student Information

Guardian/Parent Information

Emergency Contact Information

Further Details

Voluntary Contribution:

This is an annual enrolment fee that helps pay facilities hire, purchase school materials and resources, support teachers for their inconvenience and volunteering efforts, run events and initiatives for students, skill enhancement for teachers, curriculum development etc. There is a nominal annual fee of $100 per child with a maximum of $200 per family. i.e. 1 child= $100 annually, 2+ childs=$200 annually. This is purely voluntary contribution so far.